How to Create Wallet


Waves Wallet is available as a downloadable client and online client on the Waves website (
Please be sure to read the section about your Backup Phrase, it is vital to retaining your wallet assets. Creating an Account to create a new Waves account, you need to click “Create Account”.

Clicking on the “Create Account” button will trigger the follow.

Please set the password on the window.

Next, the following window will appear. Click on Create a new account.

Then your new Wallet Address and Avatar appear and click on. Continue.

Set your Account Name then click on Continue.

Now you have access to Waves Platform,.

To Pin your Silk Road Coin Wallet on Asset list of the Waves Platform,
scroll down and press + and write Silk Road Coin on the search bar then click Pin as bellow:

Saving your Backup Phrase is a private key that is a string of 15 words selected using cryptographic algorithms.
Waves use the technology of brain wallet, which means there is no .dat file keeping your private keys.
Instead of that there is a WALLET SEED which is a string of 15 random words that allow gaining access to the WAVES address.
Losing your backup phrase = losing access to WAVES tokens and WAVES assets.
We strongly encourage you to put down your backup phrase on a piece of paper in several copies and store them in safe places.
Important: Backup phrase format: there are spaces between the words but no spaces before the first word and after
the last word in the combination.
Important: WALLET Backup phrase on the screenshot is provided as an example.
See below how to secure your account and save your backup phrase Wallet:
Go to the Settings:

Go to security section and Backup Phrase and click on show

Copy 15 Random words given by system and save them in secure place

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